Multi-rip saws

Ever since 1969 C.M.L. has been manufacturing machines and processing lines for solid wood and especially a complete range of multi-rip saws. Most experience achieved during the years is today’s solutions to customers needs.

C.M.L.’s today is able to supply complete automatic lines and plants for sawmills after studying carefully customer’s needs, makes a plant on suitable areas, with different types of timber to work, using own patented technologies for making operators job easier.

Processing lines constructed by C.M.L., allow to increase production, better use of surface space, saving work-time and optimising raw material, increasing profits in terms of quantity and quality.

C.M.L.’s automatic lines are pre-assembled and tested inside new industrial building located in Gessate (Mi) Via Galileo Galilei 34/36 on a sqm. 4.000 covered surface. They are assembled with modular systems to reduce installation time and testing costs for final users. Always are kept under control , the engineering, the production, the testing and after-sale service, to improve quality of products and guarantee high performance in a sector which didn’t follow the innovation that we find in tooling machinery for metal work.

C.M.L. in the cutting lines production uses latest technologies like the newest patented system vision camera for optimising wooden boards at a very fast speed for the cuttings.

Production programme includes : Logs Edging Saws , Edgers , Optimisers, Single multi-rip saw, Double spindle rip saw , Double cross cutting machine for pallets, complete mechanisation plants for loading and unloading boards for machines either finish products or waste.

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